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Lady Lox has been importing our own hair since 2006 and we specialise with working with 100% real human hair .We pride ourselves on our extreme knowledge of hair and the hair industry and we love helping our salons and stockists understand the merits or real hair products and our brand. For us its all about natural, long lasting and high quality hair that is then expertly fitted and maintained professionally. We collect all our hair from Slavic countries hand selecting only finest hair tails from Slavic girls wishing to sell their hair. Collecting hair this way means the hair is all cuticle aligned and ensures we maintain control over the quality of the hair for long lasting, thick and beautiful hair extensions. Our hair is worked the traditional way by hand and our specially trained technicians work each tail individually to ensure all short hairs are removed only retaining hair which is the same length – this is known as double drawn. We do not use single drawn hair as this hair has lots of short hairs and can look thin once fitted so by double drawing our hair we ensure optimum thickness, strength and volume giving you the glamorous lox you always dreamt of.

At Lady Lox we have designed and created a bespoke weft that is unique to us – with micro hand tied double and triple layers. The thin wefts lie flat against the head and are very light weight. Our weft hold 50-100 grams, unlike other hand tied wefts which are often bigger and bulkier and can feel heavy once fitted, causing it to drag the natural hair braid causing damage and potential hair loss patches. Our micro wefts will not cause damage to the natural hair and can be used on thin or thick that is practically invisible if fitted correctly. We can create and tailor all our hair to your salon requirements guaranteeing the perfect match in weight, length and colour for your clients.

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